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The Anderson Scholars had the opportunity to meet  Mr. and Mrs. Richard Anderson. The Andersen's are members of the Old Main Society. Anderson Scholars: Sean Bedingfield, Jacob Cazier, Kelsie Christensen, Trevor Christensen, Katherine Glaittli, Kenneth Griffiths, Andrea Halling, Joel Hendrickson, Tyson Kesler, Jared Lambert, McKenna Lee, Ryan Martineau, Scott Maxfield, Jordan Runyan, Mylz Salmon, Jonathan Thorne, Brandon Westfall, Hannah Young.
Richard & Moonyeen Anderson Scholars

Membership in the Old Main Society is extended to donors whose lifetime giving to Utah State has reached a total of $25,000. Engineering Inductees 2012 are David & Christine Gibson, Hari & Laxmi Krishna, Nagendra Grandhi.Utah State University Old Main Society College of Engineering 2012

Val Potter, Executive Director of Development

The mission of the Development Office is to support the College of Engineering as it becomes an outstanding organization ranked among the best engineering schools in the U.S. and recognized as a world leader in engineering education, research, and service.

The Development Office maintains an acute vision of the importance of engineering research to today’s society. It also shows confidence in Utah State's ability to execute that vision and manage investments wisely.

Through your support, the College of Engineering will not only stay on the cutting edge of research and technology, but also attract the brightest professors and students through fellowships, scholarships, and funding for specific projects.

Raising funds to meet these goals is the most important part of the Development Office's mission. Although the Utah legislature appropriates funds for Utah State University, only 31 cents of every dollar necessary for engineering programs comes from the state. To make up the rest, the college depends on generous gifts, donations, and grants.  Remember, even small gifts can change the life of a student and give a wonderful return on your investment!

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