USU Wins the Air Force University Design Challenge

In August 2012, teams were given the warfighter-focused engineering design challenge — Portable Bridge Technology, $20,000, and nine months to create a demonstrable solution. This year’s challenge was to design a system for a team of four special operations force personnel to cross irrigation canals, go rooftop-to-rooftop, cross snow and glacier crevasses, etc., under a variety of conditions, efficiently and effectively. The Design Challenge teams were given system parameters, for example, a system with a maximum weight of 20 pounds, but a desired weight goal of five pounds.

Bifrost Team A-Team
Back row: Andrew Ostler, Jens Rodman, Preston Rich, middle row: David Reynolds, Josh Vincent, Mitch Parker, Jeremy Kingsford, Byard Wood with the trophy
Top: Clair Hawkins, Taylor Clawson,  Second Row Benjamin Scott, Tasha Stembridge, Byard Wood, Michael Terry, Ruth Miller, Joseph Woods

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