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College of Engineering Personnel

Welcome to the College of Engineering's Faculty and Staff personnel directory. The table below contains the contact information for all employees in the College of Engineering.

Name Position Title
Foster Agblevor Endowed Professor
David Britt Associate Professor and Interim Department head
Yu Huang Assistant Professor
Charles Miller Associate Professor
Ronald Sims Professor
Judith Sims Research Associate Professor
Timothy Taylor Professional Practice Professor
Elizabeth Vargis Assistant Professor
Jixun Zhan Professor
Anhong Zhou Professor
Kami McNeil Graduate Program Coordinator
Jed Moss Business Manager
Anne Anderson Adjunct Research Professor
Issa Hamud Adjunct Instructor
Chih-Hu Ho Adjunct Assistant Professor
Randy Lewis Adjunct USTAR Professor
Jason Quinn Adjunct Professor
Jon Takemoto Adjunct Professor
Anthony Turhollow Adjunct Research Professor
Niel Allen Associate Professor
Austin Ball Professor of Practice
Steve Barfuss Research Professor
Paul Barr Department Head
James Bay Beotechnical Division Head, Associate Professor
Joseph Caliendo Professor
Brian Crookston Assistant Professor
William Doucette Professor
Ryan Dupont Professor
Marv Halling Professor, Structural Engineering Division Head
Jeffery Horsburgh Assistant Professor
Michael Johnson Research Professor for UWRL
Belize Lane Assistant Professor
Marc Maguire Assistant Professor
Randy Martin Associate Research Professor
Michael McFarland Associate Professor
Joan McLean Research Professor
Laurie McNeill Professor
Mac Mckee Professor and Executive Director of the UWRL
Michelle Mekker Assistant Professor
Bethany Neilson Associate Professor
Richard Peralta Professor
John Rice Associate Professor
David Rosenberg Associate Professor
Zac Sharp Research Assistant Professor
Patrick Singleton Assistant Professor
Ziqi Song Assistant Professor
Andrew Sorensen Assistant Professor
David Stevens Professor, Environmental Division Head
David Tarboton Associate Department Head, Professor
Alfonso Torres-Rua Assistant Professor
Blake Tullis Professor, Water Division Head
Gilberto Urroz Associate Professor
Tianfang Xu Research Assistant Professor
Ruijie Zeng Assistant Professor
Marlo Bailey Graduate Program Coordinator
Alisha Beus Business Manager
Ken Jewkes Staff Assistant
Paul Rew Computer Technician Sr
Haley Seiler Staff Assistant II
Rebeca Olsen Staff Assistant III
Omar Alminagorta Adjunct Faculty
Shaun Dustin Adjunct Faculty
Dave Pierson ARW Engineers Adjunct Faculty
Sadra Sharifi Researcher
Colton Simmons Bucor Building Systems, Adjunct Faculty
Vicki Allan Associate Professor
Hengda Cheng Professor
Stephen Clyde Associate Professor
Curtis Dyreson Associate Professor and Graduate Adviser
John Edwards Assistant Professor
Erik Falor Professional Practice Assistant Professor
Nicholas Flann Associate Professor
Douglas Galarus Assistant Professor
Minghui Jiang Associate Professor
Vladimir Kulyukin Associate Professor
Chad Mano Professional Practice Assistant Professor
Dean Mathias Professional Practice Assistant Professor
Mahdi Nasrullah Al-Ameen Assistant Professor
Xiaojun Qi Professor and Interim Department Head
Haitao Wang Assistant Professor
Dan Watson Associate Professor
Andrew Brim Temporary Instructor
Bryan Hansen Temporary Instructor
Brandon Holdaway Temporary Instructor
Seth Humphries Temporary Instructor
Aaron Kay Temporary Instructor
Kenneth Sundberg Temporary Instructor
Vicki Anderson Staff Assistant SR
Genie Hanson Business Assisstant II
Cora Price Staff Assistant II
Myra Brown Academic Advisor II
Rakesh Kaundal Adjunct Assistant Professor
Doran Baker Professor
Reyhan Baktur Associate Professor
Scott Budge Associate Department Head and Associate Professor
Bedri Cetiner Professor
Koushik Chakraborty Associate Professor
Randy Christensen Assistant Professor
Don Cripps Professor of Practice
Ryan Davidson Assistant Professor
Greg Droge Assistant Professor
Jacob Gunther Department Head and Professor
Rose Hu Professor
Todd Moon Professor
Zeljko Pantic Assistant Professor
Jonathan Phillips Professor of Practice
Sanghamitra Roy Associate Professor
Charles Swenson Professor
Chris Winstead Associate Professor
Regan Zane USTAR Professor
Zhen Zhang Assistant Professor
Tricia Brandenburg Graduate Program Coordinator
Diane Buist Staff Assistant III
Heidi Harper Coordinator III
Steve Meeker Computer Technician Lead
Kathy Phippen Business Manager
Scott Hinton USU Research Foundation President and Professor
Kurt Becker Professor
Ning Fang Professor
Wade Goodridge Assistant Professor
Shelly Halling Lecturer
Oenardi Lawanto Associate Professor
Angela Minichiello Assistant Professor
Melissa Scheaffer Principal Lecturer
Idalis Villanueva Assistant Professor
Shane Bullock Systems Administrator and Lab Manager
Susan Hammond Staff Assistant SR
Jagath Kaluarachchi Interim Dean and Professor
Rana Abulbasal Bussiness Assistant II
Leonardo Alfonseca Facilities Director
Amber Buatte Financial Officer
Hal Chugg Engineering Technician
Peggy Cooper Business Officer III
Melanie Ivans Administrative Assistant to the Dean
Matthew Jensen Director, Public Relations and Marketing
Monica Kessel Grant Development Manager
Val Potter Executive Director of Development
Danielle Roth Recruiter
Levi Sanchez Webmaster
Shelly Wardell Senior Staff Assistant
Leslie Buxton Academic Advisor II
Kristina Glaittli Data Analyst II
Katherine Grover Academic Advisor II
Alicia Hendricks Academic Advisor II
Sarah Wallace Academic Advisor II
Valerie Daines Staff Assistant III
Robert Spall Department Head and Professor
Ryan Berke Assistant Professor
Joel Ellsworth Professor of Practice
Steven Folkman Associate Professor
Thomas Fronk Associate Professor
David Geller Associate Professor
Jackson Graham Professor of Practice
Douglas Hunsaker Assistant Professor
Areti Kiara Assistant Professor
Ling Liu Assistant Professor
Leonel Mazal Assistant Professor
Geordie Richards Assistant Professor
Nicholas Roberts Assistant Professor
Barton Smith Professor
Tadd Truscott Assistant Professor
Hailei Wang Assistant Professor
Spencer Wendel Professor of Practice
Stephen Whitmore Professor
Lindi Brown Graduate Academic Advisor
Dixon Nielson Research Development Director
Samantha Tervort Business Manager
Karen Zobell Staff Assistant SR
Terry Zollinger Reseach Technician SR
Jeffrey Allen
Heng Ban Adjunct Professor
Kathryn Graham
Caleb Buahin Post-Doctoral Researcher
Mark Cannon Research Engineer I
Cal Coopmans AggieAir Director
Pabitra Dash Programmer/ Analyst Sr
Ian Gowing Research Engineer III/ AggieAir Service Center Mangager
Amber Jones Research Engineer I
Leila Ahmadi Post-Doc Researcher
Andy Lee Engineering Technician II
Milada Majerova Researcher
Daniel Robinson Aviation Technician/ AggieAir Lead Test Pilot
Joe Stewart Research Engineer II/ Assistant Environmental Quality Lab Manager
Shannon Syrstad Research Engineer II
Chad Taylor Engineering Technician III
Mark Winkelaar Research Engineer I
Marianne Brown Staff Assistant I
Tracy Brown Business Office Manager
Norma Buxton Senior Grant and Contract Officer
Andrea Carroll Business Assistant III
Maria Gates Business Officer
Ivonne Harris Publications Specialist
Barbara Madsen Office Staff Assistant II
Jessica Powell Accounting Assistant
Carri Richards Public Relations Specialist
Jan Urroz Supervisor, Administrativ eServices and Infrastructure
NeCole Walton Accountant
Mindy Whiteley Staff Assistant, Receptionist